Friday, December 20, 2013

Killer Tech for 2014: Wireless Electrical Power

Get ready to throw all your extension cords in the trash, 'cuz there is a new technology gaining popularity called Magnetic Resonance for wirelessly transmitting electrical power. Devices and appliances will be free from being tethered to an outlet and the back of your entertainment center won't look like a tangled up pasta dish... and Apple has a patent on it. 
The Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI) announced that it succeeded in developing a magnetic-resonance-type wireless power transmission technology. According to this technology, the transmitter creates a magnetic field and radiates it to the receiver. The energy (electrical power) is delivered through this radiated magnetic field.

Simply put,  KETI has a working prototype that is capable of transmitting 1KW of power wirelessly (sans-cords) over a distance of 3.5-feet. This is enough power to operate a TV, a vacuum, laptop computer, a humidifier, electric fan and charge a smartphone all at the same time. If two hubs are used, the transmitting distance can easily be increased to 12-feet. 

What does this mean for Apple...?? 
Simply put, you would never have to plug in to charge your mobile devices ever again. In fact the moment you walk into your home, your iPad, iPhone and MacBook/Air would automatically start charging until you leave the house and out of proximity of the home's hub. Pretty cool, huh?

via patentlyapple

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