Saturday, December 21, 2013

Google Admittedly 'Scrapped' Android and 'Started Over' Again When Apple Announced the Original iPhone

In recent news... (which may not be 'new' news to many) a Google Android Engineer admitted that immediately after Apple introduced the new iPhone, the Android team was so caught off guard by the forward thinking of the iPhone design that they decided to start all over. In fact the original form factor and UI of the new Google phone and Android (see above pic) was more comparable to the Blackberry smartphones with a full physical QWERTY keyboards and smaller display. 
Check out what happened and how Google reacted upon Steve Jobs original iPhone introduction back in 2007 below: 
When Steve Jobs unveiled the device a Macworld in January 2007, Google had been working on Android for two years, and it had more than 40 engineers assigned to the project. All of them worked "sixty-to-eighty-hour weeks for fifteen months - some for more than two years - writing and testing code" to prepare Android for its release by the end of the year.

But Everything they had done suddenly looked old and irrelevant by the time Job's keynote was over.
"As a consumer I was blown away. I wanted one immediately," said Google's Chris DeSalvo in an interview with The Atlantic. "But as a Google engineer, I thought 'We're going to have to start over.'" 

On the day Jobs announced the iPhone, the director of the Android team, Andy Rubin, was six hundred miles away in Las Vegas, on his way to a meeting with one of the myriad handset makers and carriers that descend on the city for the Consumer Electronics Show. He reacted exactly DeSalvo predicted. Rubin was so astonished by what Jobs was unveiling that, on his way to a meeting, he had his driver pull over so that he could finish watching the webcast. 

The original iPhone  -  2007

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