Thursday, December 5, 2013

'Beer Churches' all the Rage (video)

With attendance down and interest from youth dwindling, churches are reaching out for new congregates in a creative and unorthodox way... such as, within a pub while drinking beer. Sounds crazy? Well, it is actually catching on. 

Just ask the so-called "Church-in-a-pub" gathering in Fort Worth, Texas, which worships at the Zio Carlo brewpub and toasts with craft beer. These Sunday evening services are meant to offer "salvation and everlasting life with a really good beer," according to a recent broadcast by NPR. The creative approach appears to be working: The event attracts about 30-40 congregants weekly, and the group is looking to expand to more locations. 

Susan Sparks, senior pastor at New York City's Madison Avenue Baptist Church who also pioneered a monthly "Beer and Bible" gathering to appeal to younger members of her congregation, told The Huffington Post that "we aren't trying to encourage drinking." Rather, she said, "we are trying to encourage honest, intimate gatherings where food and drink (alcohol or not) are enjoyed. It's about finding family. That's all we are trying to do."

What are your thoughts on this?
Is the use of 'Beer/Alcohol' a good enough reason to market religion to new members...?? 

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