Friday, November 8, 2013

Wearable Tech That Detects and Alerts You When Your Baby Needs a Diaper Change... (video)

Startup company SiempreSecos (aka AlwaysDry) started a crowdfunded project through indiegogo. This product may solve a lot of new-parent problems when checking a dirty diaper... it is a wearable sensor that is able to detect and alert the parent when the baby's diaper needs changing. 

-Check out the video below: 

What may first come across as a joke, this innovative idea may be a practical device after all.  There are countless practical examples such as:  checking the diaper in a busy restaurant, sniffing the diaper butt isn't fun and changing the diaper only to find it didn't need changing at all is annoying... This device is also useful for the elderly as well. In nursing homes, caregivers can easily check if a patient had an unfortunate loss of control... 
The silicone urine sensors are meant to be worn against the skin inside the babies diaper or for older people suffering urinary disorders. 

The reusable silicone moisture sensor, which sits against the skin inside the diaper, is paired with a wearable bracelet or other type of warning device/system such as an alarm clock to alert the carer that a diaper needs changing, or that a child is about to wet the bed. How does the tech work? "We are using radio frequency (868MHz) with our own communication protocol which allows bidirectional operation with very low energy," says the startup. "We use a non-replaceable battery in the sensor that lasts a year and a li-pol battery rechargeable through a microUSB on the bracelet. The alarm-clock plugs into a socket. 
Learn more about this product concept at the link at the bottom... 

via techcrunch

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