Friday, November 8, 2013

The Day and Life of an Aging Superhero (10pics)

It seems every time I go to the movie theater or turn on the TV these days there is another comic book hero brought to life in another live-action flick where the heroes are all in their fighting-prime in an epic battle of good vs. evil... But what happens when these superheroes get old...?? 
Swedish artist Andreas Englund takes on this question with his ongoing series titled the Aging Superhero. Check 'em out below: 

In a kind of tender comic on a huge canvas, Englund describes the hero who is slowly but surely spending his remaining years with human traits as a link between the artist hiimself and the viewer. It was extremely important to Englund to portray the aging process with an intensified presence. If you want to accord credibility to a character, the character himself needs to face up reality and the aging process. He has to acknowledge to himself that he cannot live up to expectations and that the "perfect life" is nothing more than wishfulness. Englund's artworks are focused on the maturing process. Even in the old age it is still possible to achieve something valuable although someone's drive and vigor won't bluster out explosively. Nevertheless everybody in his advanced age deserves to be recognised and respected for what he has achieved in life.

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