Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shapeshifting Display Allows You To 'Touch' Objects Remotely (video)

This shapeshifting display invented by MIT called the inFORM allows the user to manipulate with physical objects and even 'hold hands' with someone else on the other side of the world... That is just a fraction of the possibilities with this new tech. 
Learn more and check out the video of it in action below: 

Created by Daniel Leithinger and Sean Follmer and overseen by Professor Hiroshi Ishii, the technology behind the inFORM isn't that hard to understand. It's basically a fancy Pinscreen, one of those executive desk toys that allows you to create a rough 3-D model of an object by pressing it into a bed of flattened pins. With inFORM, each of those 'pins' is connected to a motor controlled by a nearby laptop, which can not only move the pins to render digital content physically, but can also register real-life objects interacting with its surface thanks to the sensors of a hacked Microsoft Kinect.

To put it in the simpliest terms, the inFORM is a self-aware computer monitor that doesn't just display light, but shapes as well. Remotely, two people Skyping could physically interact by playing catch, for example, or manipulating an object together, or even slapping high five across the planet. Another use is to physically manipulate purely digital objects. A 3-D model, for example, can be brought to life with the inFORM, and then manipulated with you hands to adjust, tweak, or even radically transform the digital blueprint. 

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