Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Inverted Umbrella Designed To Never Flip Inside Out...

Introducing the Unbrella:  Another 'Why Didn't I Think Of This' design by a Japanese company which solves the age-old issue of our umbrellas flipping inside out in heavy winds.  
Check out how the design and how it works below: 

The unique design of the concept's Unbrella has the support struts on the top of the canopy so the forces from strong winds actually work to keep it open. It also means the umbrella closes upwards, which is another brilliant aspect of its redesign. The surface of the canopy that gets soaked by the rain ends up staying on the inside, so while carrying it you remain dry as a bone. 
As of now this umbrella design is not available, but is expected to hit retail shelves sometime next February (just in time for spring) for about $96USD.

via gizmodo

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if that protruding struts will accidentally injure someone..

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