Monday, November 11, 2013

BTW: The Soviets Have Landed and Photographed Venus Over 30-Years Ago (10pics)

Usually when we think of the current space program and the exploration of other planets, the first one that comes to mind is NASA and their Mars program. Their rovers have been exploring the Red Planet's surface for years and since the first contact with the planet in the late 70's, the program has mapped the entire planet and made unbelievable discoveries. 
Unbeknownst to 'popular' belief, The Russians have a similar program with our 'other' neighbor, Venus
Check out the following photos that the Soviets have taken since the early 1980s: 

One of the Soviet ships that landed on the surface of Venus is Venera-13. The descent module of Venera-13 landed on the surface of the planet on March 1 1982. Unlike the Venera 9/10 system, Venera-13 consisted of two optical-mechanical cameras which, at a higher resolution repeatedly scanned 180˚ or 60˚ through clear and colored filters. This camera system had been developed by A.S. Selivanov's team at the Institute of Space Device Engineering. The Venera landers transmitted digital images with a depth of 9-bits and an approximately logarithmic encoding of photometric brightness. The camera scanned multiple pan aromas, some of them included red, green or blue glass filters in place. The entire transmission had been a quick process and hence had been relayed to Earth in real time and also been replayed from digital tape recordings on board the Venera spacecraft. 

The Surface:
Venus, Mars, the Moon and Earth

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