Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Panoramic Ball Camera That You Can Throw (video)

The PANONO Panoramic Ball Camera is incredible... 
You simply throw the camera in the air (as high as you can) and at its highest point, the ball takes a 360˚ panoramic HD photograph with 36 tiny cameras firing off simultaneously. 

Check out how it works and a video of it in action below: 

First publicly introduced back in 2011, the Panono was has been in development to the incredible 360˚ camera that it is today. The spherical camera is durable, small and is covered in the same rugged, clear water resistant plastic covering as the popular GoPro
The Panono is not limited to throwing. The Panono can be attached to a pole for more strategic placement with also the option of operating by hand like a traditional camera. 
The Panono camera ball, though, gets rid of problems (from traditional panoramic cameras) like distortion and ghosting by eschewing wide-angle lenses and patched together shots in favor of 36 perfectly timed camers that capture every angle simultaneously. It can do all this thanks to a highly sensitive internal accelerometer that knows exactly when the ball has reached its highest point, allowing it to fire off each of its fixed-focus cameras during that split-second that the ball is barely moving.

In addition, the second the photo is taken it is automatically downloaded to a free Panono mobile app where you can view them instantly. The device has an internal flash memory and is able to store about 400 panoramas. The wireless connection will use Bluetooth or WiFi and the internal battery charges through a USB port. 

The Panono Ball Camera will be available in 2014 in two colors, Black and Green for $600. If you act now, you can pre-order  from indiegogo and save yourself $100. 

via gizmodo indiegogo 

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