Friday, November 22, 2013

8 iPhone Patents We Would Love To See Become Reality

Looking into a innovative company's patents, such as Apple, is literally a peak into the 'possible' future. Below are 8 official patents that Apple has filed for the iPhone. 

Obviously, most of these patents won't make the feature list on the next model and some of them may never see the light of day... either way, it's still interesting to see the creativity and innovations being developed. 

You can check out more of their patents for their entire product line at this link

Camera Swiping Control Patent
patentlyapple - Apple innovation that is designed to help users control their incoming calls and voicemail by simply swiping their finger over the external camera lens. This future feature will be able to control rewinding and fast forwarding voicemail. In addition, the new methodology will also be able to enhance one-handed navigation of web pages, documents, a contact list or your iTunes library by simply swiping the camera lens in different swiping motion combinations. 
Wireless Charging: Magnetic Resonance 

patentlyapple - Developed by KETI, this tech would allow mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod and MacBook/Air to wirelessly charge without the use of cables or docking stations. Electric power would be 'transmitted' through the air from the 'hub' to your device... like magic!

Solar Cells Behind the Display
patentlyapple - Apple detailing how they'll be able to integrate cell panels beneath their multi-touch surface as opposed to it being applied to the top surface of their media players as previously thought. This revelation ensures us that Apple won't be sacrificing design for function. 

The Curved Glass Patent
fastcompany - The patent describes a double-curved smartphone with a screen that wraps fully around the device, and enables seamless display of imagery on the entire phone's face. The idea is very attractive, neatly side-stepping an earlier idea that Apple's next iPhone will have a bigger "full width" display that has almost no bezel area.  

Protecting a 'Freefalling' Electrical Device
digitaltrends - iPhones could be equipped with a drop sensor processor similar to the ones already used in Apple laptops. Then, if a phone senses that it’s falling, the drop processor would communicate with a small motor to shift the phone’s internal weight and control which side it lands on. All of this would take place in a matter of seconds as your phone plummets to its doom. (Like a cat landing on its feet) 

Pressure Sensitive Touch Screen
gizmodo - ...hardware that can trigger different UI functions depending on how hard the user presses the glass of the screen. US Patent Number 8,581,870—or "Touch-sensitive button with two levels" to its friends—appears to suggest that it's actually about physical buttons, but dig a little deeper and it transpires that Apple is actually talking about technology that could be applied to a touchscreen coupled to an actuator. A "touch-sensitive depressible button," as they put it. 

iSight Camera located Behind Screen
appleinsider...a camera mounted behind a display that could capture an image. The filing explains how today's built-in cameras require a user to look away from the lens in order to see his or her video conferencing participants. 
"Constantly looking back and forth between the display screen and the camera ... can be distracting and make the conversation seem awkward and unnatural."

Touch ID Located Behind the Display
todaysiphone - While the patent covers the current technology for Touch ID, it also includes possible future technologies for fingerprint recognition such as infrared and optical sensors to allow for growth and changes in the Touch ID system to be made over the years and still be covered by the patent. In addition, one of the most interesting parts of the patent include a mention of a sensor behind the display. This leaves open the possibility of the entire screen being able to detect a user’s fingerprint and unlock the screen by simply placing your finger on the screen.

-What are your thoughts...?? 
What features would you like to see on your future mobile device...?

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