Friday, October 11, 2013

The Albizia House by Metropole Architects (20pics)

Incredibly Gorgeous... 
Located in South Africa, the Albizia House by Metropole Architects is a single family home that bleeds 'simplicity' and 'high degree of sophistication'. 
-Check out 20 more pics below: 

The architectural style of the home is heavily influenced by the 'Googie' architecture of the Amercian architect John Lautner. The origin of the name 'Googie' dates to 1949, when architect John Lautner designed the West Hollywood coffee shop, 'Googies', which had distinct architectural characteristics. 'Googie' architecture is a form of modern architecture and a subdivision of futurist architecture with stylistic convert ions influenced by, and representing 50's American society's fascination and marketing emphasis on futuristic design, car culture, jets, the Space Age, and the Atomic Age. 'Googie' is also characterized by design forms symbolic of motion, including upswept roofs, curvaceous geometric shapes, and the bold use of glass, steel and neon, the spirit of which is embodied in Albizia House. 

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