Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Security: SmartWater System Turns Thieves Green

Thieves better think twice or they may be covered in a glowing green spray that cannot be washed off for weeks.... WEEKS..!! 
Police in the London Borough of Brent have handed out free SmartWater kits to locals and street robbery has decreased 40% and burglary down 80%. 
This odorless, invisible and (almost) unwashable chemical called SmartWater literally covers crooks head-to-toe with a semipermanent green ultraviolet glow... 
Currently being tested by the Brent Police throughout the area, an odorless, invisible, and damn-near unwashable chemical called SmartWater has already managed to catch at least one car thief. The unlucky burglar, Yafet Askale, fell for the police department's booby-trapped car, which sprayed Askale with a fine mist of the stuff as soon as it detected an intrusion. So once police hunted him down, ultraviolet scans showed that his face and jacket were covered in SmartWater's signature glow, and despite a plea of not guilty, he was convicted of theft and sentenced accordingly. 
What are your thoughts...?? Should SmartWater be brought to the mainstream...?? 

via gizmodo

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