Monday, October 7, 2013

Samsung Officially Releases Two Galaxy Gear Ads (videos)

Despite all the negative reviews, Samsung moves forward and officially releases their Galaxy Gear Smartwatch commercials. Not only are they both well done, they are clever and fun to watch.
-Check them out below: 
Samsung, which beat Apple to the smartwatch market with the release of its Galaxy Gear last month, hasn’t exactly won accolades, with reviewers saying they are disappointed that the $299 device has limited battery life (about a day) and only works with the Galaxy Note smartphone (Samsung says the Gear will work with other Galaxy phones in the future)But Samsung may win over fans for its Galaxy Gear ads, which are generating buzz among tech users.

WOW.... didn't I see those ads before....?? 
Oh yeah, they are pretty much identical to Apple's ad back in 2007 for the original iPhone.
This is a ballsy move for Samsung, since they are in the spotlight for being a 'copy-cat' company. Check out the Apple ad below: 

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