Friday, October 4, 2013

Incredible Photos by Jesse Summers (12pics)

Yeah, we may all have a camera phone in our pockets, but nothing beats the talent and eye of a professional photographer. 
Check out the following gorgeous photos below of Florida-based photographer, Jesse Summers

Internationally recognized... Jesse Summers self-taught talent relies on 'Patience' and a 'Keen eye' on the weather. 
“I'm afraid that none of my shots are serendipitous," he said in an interview with “It usually takes weeks or months to get my shots, even over a year in some cases," Summer says. "After I've pre-visualized the scene I want to capture, I must wait until the weather, tides, atmospheric conditions, and night sky coincide for me to be able to capture the perfect shot.” 
“It is imperative for me to closely watch the weather before shooting to avoid capturing landscapes at times of flat lighting or night landscapes during periods of overcast skies and high humidity,” Summers says. 

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