Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Best Apple iWatch Concept... So Far (GIF)

The latest Apple Keynote is today and one device that is on everyone's minds is expected NOT to make an appearance: the rumored iWatchIt is anticipated to come out later in 2014.

Below is an animated GIF of an iWatch concept by Thomas Bogner that is hands-down the best fan-made concept we've seen... so far. 

-Check it out below: 

The first thing you will notice by this design concept is that the form has a strong resemblance to the current Nike Fuelband
The form factor may not be 'far off' since Apple's VP of design, Jony Ive and his design team reportedly ordered dozens of Nike wearable products for R&D purposes many years back. Apple also has a strong relationship with Nike integrating their fitness app and third-party devices with the iPhone and iPods for the past 6+ years. In addition, Apple's CEO Tim Cook is on the Nike Board of Directors, so a continuing relationship or partnership in the design and future products is a plausible idea. 
The curved glass display (although slim and small) is the most practical and 'fashionable' design we've seen compared to the other bulky fan-made concepts out there...

....what are your thoughts?? 
Did designer Thomas Bogner hit the mark with his version of the rumored iWatch...?? 

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Anonymous said...

This is an incredible design.
I'm sure Apple will come out with something even better. Either way, if it looks like this I would get it for sure :)

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