Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Your Random Inspirational Photos | RIP


....we thought we would use this mid-week break opportunity wisely to invite all of you to check out our Random Inspirational Photo website of ultimate creative and inspirational procrastination. Similar to our weekly post here on Design-Junky, this new website is updated daily and offers the same inspirational imagery and much more...!!   

-Check it out below: 
The RIP community is an extension of the widely popular Hump-Day RIP at the 'sister' site, Design-Junky where over 50 new images to procrastinate to are shared every mid-week. Because of the overwhelming positive response of the images shared at the Hump-Day RIP, a brand new website dedicated to focus on visual inspiration was born...!!

Wanna see more? 
Don't forget to check out last week's RIP at this link.

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