Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Microsoft Surface 2 and Pro 2 Tablets (keynote video)

Here is another tech Tablet update... 
The Microsoft Surface 2 & Pro 2 were unveiled on Sept 23rd with new and upgraded features. Check them out along with the keynote launch video below: 

The videos below are Part 01 and 02... check out the rest of the part on YouTube.

The first thing you will notice with the new Surface tablets is that they dropped the confusing RT name on the lower end model. Also the impressive kickstand allows for two viewing angles oppose to the single awkward angle it had in the previous model. Both models come with Microsoft Office and are available in two colors: White and Black. Like before, the tablets have USB ports, this time 3.0 (up to 10x faster than 2.0). It also has a MicroSD card slot. 

The Touch Covers are also updated as well. They are now backlit and available in four colors: Black, Cyan, Purple and Magenta. 

The Surface 2 starts at $449 and the Pro 2 starts at $899 ($100 more than the last gen)... 

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Anonymous said...

Great product, but the presenter did not seem friendly at all. He came across as lecturing rather than presenting. What do you think?

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