Friday, September 6, 2013

Replace Your Passwords, Keys, ID and even your Fingerprints with this Bracelet (video)

Imagine carrying around your personal identity on your wrist that has the power to open doors, unlock your passwords, control your television and even make payments at the register... sounds like science-fiction...?? 

...Guess again.  

Startup company, Bionym recently went public with their bracelet called the Nymi. Which does all mentioned above and more. 

It centers on a person's electrocardiogram, a measure not of your heart rate but of the electrical activity generated by your heart. A person's ECG is dependent on the size, position, and physiology of their heart, and it's completely unique to every person. It's as unique to you as your fingerprint, and unlike your fingerprint you're not leaving your ECG on glasses or windows or cell phones everywhere you go. That ECG is what Bionym uses to identify you as you.

Head of Bionym, Dr. Karl Martin stated: 
"We're really interested in how to create hyper-personalized experiences," he tells me, which includes everything from setting the ambient temperature when you walk into a room to remembering your particular settings on the washing machine. Couple that with the rudimentary gesture recognition in the bracelet, and Martin doesn't sound so crazy when he says we'll be able to unlock our car, open its trunk, and start playing our favorite radio station with just one flick of our wrist. Martin says the Nymi doesn't even have to be a bracelet. "It could be a ring, a necklace, a waistband, anything. The wristband is just the first idea. We'll see what people want to do."

via theverge

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