Monday, September 16, 2013

Optical Illusions Within 3D Environments (7pics)

Below are site-specific optical illusions by photographer Georges Rousse. Each colorful and complex illusion is set within deserted buildings. He paints and arranges the interior and photographs the layout at a specific angle and perspective to create these dynamic images. 

-Check out 11 examples below: 

Viewers are instantly challenged to understand how the shapes, colors, and architecture fit together. Rousse limits that perspective by converting the three dimensional area into a flat photograph. In doing so, he invites his viewers to experience the artwork through a combination of reality and their own imagination. 

According to Rousse's bio, "The final photographic image perturbs our visual habits and convictions by presenting  three kinds of space: the real space, where he makes his installations; an imaginary utopian space, which the artist invents and then carefully builds at his chosen site; and a new space that is visible from only one spot when he clicks the camera shutter, and exits only in the photo." 

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