Monday, September 23, 2013

Magic Powder Transforms Dirty-Water Drinkable (video)

Transforming dirty murky water into safe drinkable water is as easy as making Kool-Aid thanks to Proctor & Gamble's non-profit division and their 'magic' powder
-see how it works below: 

The process is pretty straight forward... 
Simply add the small packet of powder to the dirty water (1packet = 2.5 ga). Stir for about 5-minutes until all the dirty clumps and sludge sink to the bottom. After the water settles and clears, pour through a cotton cloth and wait another 20-minutes before it is ready to drink... 
In just under 30-minutes, the process provides one-day of drinking water for five adults. 

--  jump to :40 to watch demo  --
"We reverse engineered a municipal water treatment plant, so something that costs tens of millions of dollars we can make for three and a half cents."said Allgood, the U.S.-based director of Procter & Gamble Co's not-for-profit program to provide clean water in developing nations and disaster zones.
"When the water is really dirty, there aren't a lot of low-cost technologies that work very well," Allgood, who has a PhD in toxicology and is P&G's point person in the Clinton Global Initiative, told Reuters in an interview before the formal opening of a new production plant in Singapore on Thursday.
About 40 million sachets will be made this year at a plant in Pakistan and 100 million in Singapore, which is also P&G's global disaster relief hub. The goal is to make 200 million a year by 2020, equal to 2 billion liters of clean water.
Many of the sachets are sent to development projects in Africa and emerging Asian countries but were also handed out to people hit by floods and other disasters in Pakistan, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Haiti, Allgood said. 

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