Sunday, September 1, 2013

Leaked Image: The New Samsung Galaxy Gear (4pics)

Just days before the official public announcement of Samsung's new smartwatch on September 4th... there are already leaked images floating around of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch. 

-check it out:  
According to VentureBeatThe Gear is a beefy machine. The screen is a relatively large (for a wrist) 3-inch OLED display but the clunky exterior packs a whole lot of features that would make it useful even without being paired to a smartphone. With Wi-Fi, the watch is apparently able to function on its own for email, social media, and whathaveyou. And there's a camera andspeakers in there. It's practically one data connection short of being an actual phone.

Samsung's upcoming announcement of their smartwatch on September 4th will give them a head start in the market with their competitor Apple who also has rumored plans on releasing a smartwatch (iWatch) of their own next year (2014)...

via gizmodo

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