Friday, September 27, 2013

Clever Photobooth is Triggered with Skin-to-Skin Contact (video)

The classic and traditional photobooths with their rapid-fire pics and instant developing are losing their popularity now that everybody has a camera phone in their pocket. 
Designer Talia Radford and digital media artist Jonas Bohatsch wished to bring it back when they came up with a photobooth design that triggers photos with a 'simple touch'

Check out a video of it in action below: 
...making its official debut during Vienna’s Design Week later this month. Behind a pastel-hued geometric forest of Osram OLED lights, guests step onto a “smart carpet”-covered platform that’s connected to a MaKey MaKey board. Getting touchy-feely triggers a circuit that initiates the flash, and then an adjacent thermal printer produces a fun “quick and dirty” pic of the moment.

via gizmodo

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