Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Artist Creates Incredible Illustrations With Her 4-Year Old Child (8pics)

Wow, this is a great way to start off the week... Check out the following creative and incredibly kick-ass illustrations collaborated by artist Mica Angela Hendricks and her 4-year old daughter. 

...This is another 'Why Didn't I Think Of This" idea. 
Below Hendricks explains the creative process between her and her 4-year old collaborator: 
Sometimes I would give her suggestions, like "maybe she could have a dragon body!" but usually she would ignore theses suggestions if it didn't fit in with what she already had in mind. But since I am a grownup and a little bit (okay a lot) of a perfectionist, I sometimes would have a specific idea in mind as I doodled my heads. Maybe she could make this into a bug! I'd think happily to myself as a sketched, imagining the possibilities of what it could look like. So later, when she'd doodle some crazy shape that seemed to go in some surrealistic direction, or put a large circle around the creature and filled the WHOLE THING in with marker, part of my brain would think, What is she DOING?!? She just scribbling it all up! But I should know that in most instances, kids' imaginations way outweigh a grownup's, and it always ALWAYS looked better than what I had imagined. ALWAYS.

via thisiscolossal

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