Tuesday, September 24, 2013

15 Old and Incredibly Beautiful Typewriters (15pics)

Living in the age of digital computing with the latest computer at every desk, multitouch smartphones in every pocket and tablets on every lap... it's always refreshing to see how gorgeous technology was back in the day when when the industrial revolution was at it's peak. 
-Check out the following 15 incredibly beautiful typewriters below:  

Along with these 'Steampunk' style designs (WAY-Before Steampunk was cool), it is also amazing to see is how far back the QWERTY keyboard goes... We all have Milwaukee inventor, Christopher Sholes to thank for that. 
Have you ever wondered WHY the keys of the alphabet are all mixed up on today's keyboards...??? 
Introduced in the 1870s, the QWERTY keyboard layout was established to reduce mechanical jams by separating the most commonly used letter pairs. 

Stenograph 1 -Third Form (1882)

Keystone 1 (1889)

The Franklin (1892)

Granville Automatic (1896)

The Ford (1895)
Daugherty (1893)

The Chicago (1899)
The Crandall - New Model (1887)
American Visible 1 (1901)
Bennett (1910)
Lambert 1 (1902)
The National (1889)
North's Typewriter (1892)

Blickensderfer (1892)

Rasmus Hans Johan Malling-Hansen (1870)

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