Friday, August 30, 2013

Want List: Ring Clock Concept

Although still a concept, this Ring Clock is sure to turn heads... 

Not a bad design... 
The only thing I question is battery life and if it is water proof. I would hate to take it off everytime I wash my hands. 
The Ring Clock is made of stainless steel and displays the current time. So this is not technically a single ring, but three: to display the hours, minutes and seconds. The widest band - a watch, the thinnest - seconds, and in the middle - ring to display the running minutes. 

Thanks Darius for the tip....!!
via itechfuture

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John Alex said...

Nice idea but it might be expensive? How much this watch ring sales price. I have another idea which is affordable and stylish and looking nice according to event and its brand name is Digits Watch.

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