Friday, August 23, 2013

Underwater Crop Circles...!!?? Nope, Just a Fish (video)

Check out this amazing underwater formation. The intricacy and repetitive geometric pattern could only be created by the artistic hands of humans or aliens... right? 
Guess again... These underwater 'Crop Circles' are created by the amazing little Puffer Fish

-Check out the video below it see the little guy in action: 

WOW... these amazing works of underwater art can be found as deep as 80-feet below the surface and averaging at 6-feet in diameter. 
Using underwater cameras the team discovered the artist is a small puffer fish only a few inches in length that swims tirelessly through the day and night to create these vast organic sculptures using the gesture of a single fin. Through careful observation the team found the circles serve a variety of crucial ecological functions, the most important of which is to attract mates.

via thisiscolossal

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