Monday, August 5, 2013

The World's Largest Hovercraft: The Zubr Class (video)

The image above is NOT photoshopped and is in-fact a gigantic Military Hovercraft...! 
....Hit the link at the bottom for additional info. 
and check out the video of it in action below...!  

The Zubr Class, known as Pomornik is a Soviet military hovercraft vehicle. Three vessels have been in service with the Russian Navy since 1988 and the Pomornik is known to be the largest hovercraft to date... The Zuber Class is approximately 187 feet long, holds a crew of 33 and has a top-speed of 60kts. Manufactured by Almaz Shipbuilding, the Pomornik is also operated by the Ukrainian and Greek Navy....

The square-shaped pontoon structure of the hull provides a rugged, stable and seaworthy design. The pontoon's superstructure is divided by two longitudinal bulkheads into three functional sections. The middle section accommodates the compartment for armoured vehicles to be landed with taxi tracks and loading and unloading ramps. The two outer sections house the main and auxiliary power plants, the troop compartments, crew living quarters, and life support and NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) protection. 
Zubr can carry up to 130 tons of cargo: three medium battle tanks such as the T-80B tank, or eight BMP-2 infantry combat vehicles, or ten BTR-70 armoured personnel carriers, or 360 fully equipped amphibious landing troops. The ship has a bow and a stern ramp for fast landing of troops and combat material.  

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Unknown said...

Thi large hovercraft is a magnet for detection and missiles. It's size won't get the surprise attack a surprise. But its speed is a plus plus and air defense system, other than that this hover craft can't avoid artillery bombardments and tanks.

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