Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Satis: An Innovative Smart.... Toilet (video)

In a world where everything from phones, TV and cars are becoming a 'smart' device... why not our toilets as well...?? 
Introducing the Satis, an innovative and smart design for you to poop in. 

-read more about it and watch a intro video below: 

Introduced back in 2011, the Satis is made by the Japanese company LIXIL with the two available models retail between $4,200 and $5,700. Why the high price...? The toilet has innovative features that include a power deodorizer, automatic flushing, cleansing spray nozzles, a vortex/spiral flush, an automatic seat.... aaand built in illuminating lights with speakers for playing your relaxing/calming music. 

For an additional $600 you can get the matching freestanding toilet paper holder with built-in remotes for easy control while you sit on your throne (see below)... 
Stylish, compact, and unifying the bowl, lid and advanced toilet seat, Satis incorporates the highest standards for water conservation, relaxing comfort features that cater to the human senses, considerate functionality for operations, and hygienic cleansing for shower-spray personal care. Satis takes you to an unimagined new level. 

In recent news the innovative Satis toilet has an Android app called 'My Satis'. This app has a security loop hole that allows users to take control of the toilets features wirelessly via bluetooth. With this hacked app, the user can cause the toilet to flush on command, open/close the lid, start and stopping the lights and music and (my favorite) spraying the user by activating the bidet. 

 via inax-usa mashable

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