Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Martin Scorsese Predict Future of Movies in 1990 (video)

Consider this your VOTD (video of the day)... 

Over 25-years ago Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel interviewed three iconic living legends of the film industry: Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Martin Scorsese. Each Director/Producer provided an interesting opinion of each others directing 'style' and the future of film. 

Check out if their predictions were spot on or way off course in the video interview below: 

In a more recent interview with Spielberg and Lucas, George predicted that in the "movie business" movie tickets will cost up to $50-$150. There will be fewer theaters and the theaters that will remain will be 'Big' and have a lot of amenities. Going to the movies will be like going to a sporting event or a Broadway show with films being in theaters for up to a year at a time.  

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