Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Scientists Hook Brain to Computer to Remotely Control Another's Body (video)

This is truly science fiction becoming reality... ala 2009 AVATAR....!! 
Researchers at the University of Washington linked the brains of two colleagues (located on the other end of campus) and used the power of thought to successfully controlled the hand movements of the other... amazing!!  

-Watch the whole process take place in the video below: 
Prof Rajesh Rao claims he was able to control the hand movements of a colleague on the other side of campus using no more than the power of thought. A cap filled with electrodes picked up electrical signals from Prof Rao's brain and transmitted them via the internet to a magnetic coil placed on Dr Andrea Stocco's head. As Prof Rao thought about tapping the space bar on his computer keyboard the coil stimulated Dr Stocco's left motor cortex, the part of the brain which governs hand movement, and prompted him to carry out the action.

Thanks for the tip Damon...!!
via telegraph 

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