Thursday, August 22, 2013

MUST HAVE.... The Ultimate Steam Shower Room (video)

Because regular showers are for poor people... 
Check out what $5,000 can do for you and your bathroom in the video below: 

This high-tech bathroom gadget and all its features makes a regular shower/tub look like a porta-potty... 
Brought to you by Aquapeutics, the Steam Shower Room is fully computerized and even comes with a remote control. Its equipped with 12 acupuncture massage jets, an overhead 8-inch rainfall shower, 2 handheld shower heads, a steam/sauna feature, a foot massage device ad 22 individual jets in the whirlpool bathtub. To top it off, it has automatic sliding glass doors, a programable FM radio and an 8-inch LCD TV display ('cuz why not...!!)


Anonymous said...

I Actually just recently setup our steam shower unit,
the best thing we have decided to buy in a while, kids
and friends and family like it so much, unable to see me heading back to traditional showers anymore

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Anonymous said...

How much to have someone install?

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