Thursday, August 22, 2013

Laraki Epitome - 1,750 Horsepower Supercar (6pics)

If you love fast slick cars then you will fall in love with the $2-million dollar 1,750-horsepower Laraki Epitome

-see more pics below: 

Yup, you read correctly: 1,750-Horespowers...!! 
Just to put it in perspective, you can get up to 200-MPH with just a 344-horsepower engine. 
...this car is absurdly light, being made out of, what else, carbon fiber, built off of a C6 Corvette chassis. It’s only about 2800 pounds, making it an extremely light car even by supercar standards. As a result the engine is somewhat restrained: It’s a 7-liter V8 with twin turbochargers, that, if you just fill one of the tanks, will get you 1,200 horsepower. 
The Epitome actually has two tanks, one for normal gasoline, the other for 110 octane. Hit a button and you’ll go from the already absurd horsepower to a ridiculous 1,750 hp. Of course, this requires you to find 110 octane, which isn’t exactly for sale on every street corner.


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