Thursday, August 15, 2013

HISTORY: USAF Cold War Plan to Wrap Earth With Copper Wires (pics)

Here is a fun-fact that you probably didn't know... 
Back in 1960, the US tried to put a ring of copper wires into Earth's orbit to boost an emergency communication system. This innovative yet unsuccessful effort was called: Project West Ford

The copper wire scheme was somewhat doomed from the beginning. NASA sent the first batch up in 1961, and it failed to deploy, leaving all of the copper wire—each piece was a little less than 2-centimeters-long—and the spacecraft floating uselessly in orbit. Two years later, they tried again and managed to disperse the wire between the North and South Poles. For a little while, the giant antenna actually worked. They were able to send and receive transmissions, until the copper wire started falling back to Earth sooner than expected. Because not all of the pieces of wire fell back down, this lead to thousands of clumps of trash floating in space and no antenna.

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