Saturday, August 3, 2013

AshPoopie Incinerates Your Dog's Poo Into Ash (Video)

This is a re-post, because not only is it awesome... But I want one :) 
If your like most dog owners... the least favorite thing about taking care of your furry best friend is picking up their crap. It's messy, smelly and why shouldn't it... it's a pile of poop after all. 
The AshPoopie may solve all your problems by not only picking up the poo, but also incinerating it into a pile of 100% sterile black ash...!  
The AshPoopie was developed by this Israeli firm called Paulee CleanTech and their intention for a poopie incinerator is to liberate dog owners from a certain nasty business. The nasty business being having to pick up after their beloved canine does its business. 
This handy crap-gadget is set for public release in early 2012... price not yet available.

If you’re tired of bending down to dispose of your dog’s nasty, smelly poop in a plastic bag, help is at hand. AshPoopie from Pauli Clean Tech is the hygienic and green answer for disposing of your dog’s mess. Before walks, simply insert a cartridge containing the special AshPoopie capsules into your handy AshPoopie wand. When your dog poos, just press a button on the device and the arm of the AshPoopie opens and extends over the poop. Press the second button and the poop is scooped up. A capsule is then released from the cartridge and mixes with the poop at high speed. In less than a minute, your dog’s smelly mess has been transformed into odorless, harmless ash. You can now safely dispose of the 100% sterile ash and retract the AshPoopie to its standard size making it easy to carry. The AshPoopie doesn’t need cleaning or require any special maintenance and is now ready for the next time that your dog poos.
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