Friday, July 19, 2013

Winglet Additions To Planes Will Save United $200-Million Annually

Winglets with their fuel-saving properties aren't new to the aeronautical industry... 
United is planning to take this growing popular design feature by adding them to their fleet of planes and in turn saving millions of dollars a year. 

-See how it works below: 

Not a bad idea, huh?
Each winglet attaches to the end of each wing. The upturned design manages the air flow that passes the aircraft reducing air drag thus cutting down on fuel consumption. 
"For the fixed cost of installing a winglet, the carrier can save millions in fuel costs over the lifetime of an aircraft"... and they look pretty cool too :) 

Once installed, the winglets will provide an up to 1.8 percent improvement to fuel consumption on the aircraft, something that United estimates will save nearly $200-million each year on fuel costs.

Trials with the new Scimitar winglet are currently underway on United aircraft. Provided testing moves forward on schedule, the carrier's 737 fleet will begin upgrades in early 2014.

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