Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The World's Most Expensive Photographs (10pics)

Below are 10 photos by world-renown photographers depicting the world they see through their camera lens. Some may find them Beautiful... Plain... Or just Disgusting
Either way someone found them worth the extra value to lay down millions of dollars just to hang it on their wall... 
-Check out the list of expensive photographs below: 

'Untitled (Cowboy)'
Richard Prince : 2001-02
Sold for $3.4-Million
'The Pond/Moonlight'
Edward Steichen : 1904
Sold for $2.9-Million
'Los Angeles'
Andreas Gursky : 1998
Sold for $2.9-Million
'99 Cent II, Diptychon'
Andreas Gursky : 2001
Sold for $3.3-Million
'Dead Troops Talk'
Jeff Wall : 1992
Sold for $3.7-Million
'Untitled #96'
Cindy Sherman : 1981
Sold for 3.9-Million

'Rhein II'
Andreas Gursky : 1999
Sold for $4.3-Million
'For Her Majesty'
Gilbert & George : 1973
Sold for #3.7-Million
'Billy the Kid'
photographer unknown : 1880
Sold for $2.3-Million
'Untitled #153' 
Cindy Sherman : 1985
Sold for $2.7-Million

via gizmodo

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