Monday, July 29, 2013

The New Google Nexus 7 Tablet (full press video)

For those who missed it, Google introduced their latest mini-tablet last week with the new Nexus 7The new tablet will be available for purchase in the United States Tuesday (tomorrow) July 30th... 

Check out details, how it compares to the iPad Mini and the full-press video below: 

As a followup to their existing Nexus 7 tablet, this new unit is pretty impressive and makes up for some shortcomings of its predecessor. Some cool features include its cheaper price of $229 ($100 less than the competitive iPad Mini), better display resolution than the iPad Mini, wireless charging, added a rear facing camera, creating user profiles, better placed speakers for better sound quality and increased battery life. Also the release of the new tablet is set at a good time of the year with the iPad Mini competition already 9-months old and the new one coming in early 2014.

The $229 base model comes with 16 gigabytes of storage. For $40 more, or $269, you get twice the storage. A 32-gigabyte model with 4G cellular capability will cost $349. By contrast, the iPad Mini starts at $329. A 32-gigabyte version with 4G costs $559.

What are your thoughts...? Are you getting one...?? 

via gadgets forbes 

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