Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The HERE Balloons: A Fuel Saving Parking Idea (video intro)

This is a clever solution to many issues people encounter when searching for a parking space in a crowded parking lot... such as the endless driving and searching for a vacant spot. 
Check out the video below that may solve this problem using simple balloons: 
The Idea: What if we could tell people there was a parking space right here? With HERE balloons, S-Oil did exactly that. They set up a bright yellow balloon in each space. The balloon falls when a car parks in the space, and rises again when the car leaves. Drivers could see the colourful balloons from far away and spot empty spaces. Quick parking means saving time and saving oil. That means happier drivers and a healthier planet.
S-Oil wanted to show it had a mission: to save oil. They knew South Korea's capital had some of the highest gasoline consumption in the world. What's more, car use was increasing, petrol costs rising, and parking spaces scarce. Every day, a Seoul driver wanders for 500m to find a space. Over a month, this comes to 15km of driving. People were using around a litre of gas just trying to park.
Clever solution, but in the real world I see these balloons either popped by vandals or used as decoration in a freshman's dorm room.... what are your thoughts??

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