Sunday, July 28, 2013

Keith Christensen: Concept Artist and Sculptor (20pics)

Below is a sample of the work of concept artist Keith Christensen. His breadth of conceptual work in the special effect industry is impressive with films that include Man of Steel, SuckerPunch, 300,  Star Trek 2, G.I. Joe 2, Avengers and much more...!! 

-Check out samples of his work from his website below: 

Below is a statement he (Christensen) made in an interview describing his work on the Man of Steel with the conceptual designs of the characters alien Kryptonian costumes...  
The hardest part was working out the Kryptonian 'look'? The costume designer [Michael Wilkinson] kept pushing for something strange and different, while referencing 16th century armor. He wanted a future/past blend that felt both alien and historical. You needed to feel like there was a culture behind the decadence… a real sense of history. 

After hearing that Art Nouveau was influencing the art dept., I introduced the costume designer to the decorative motifs of Louis Sullivan, an early twentieth century architect that was a contemporary of Frank Lloyd Wright.

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