Thursday, July 25, 2013

Anti-Shark Attack Wetsuits (video demo)

Going in the ocean can be fun for many, but for some it can be a bit terrifying knowing there are creatures that can literally EAT you... This line of wetsuits by Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (SAMS) are designed to render you invisible or undesirable to eat. 

-Check out the introduction video by the makers below: 

"It's based on new breakthrough science which is all about visionary systems for predatory sharks," Anderson said. "We've been able to interpret that science and convert that into, basically, materials that create some confusion for sharks' visual systems." 
See, it turns out that sharks are colorblind. The "Elude," a blue and white wetsuit made for divers, renders you invisible in the water. Anderson said it "hide[s] you in the water column." 
The "Diverter," on the other hand, is made for surfers. The black and white pattern makes you look like the opposite of what you are, like an "unpalatable food item.

via sharkmitigation

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no name said...

you guys are so amazing I don't surf of anything like that but for the people who do surf you are preventing shark attaches.

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