Saturday, July 27, 2013

380-Sq Ft Micro-Apartment Feels Spacious (6pics)

Just because you have a small square-footage dwelling doesn't mean you have to settle for a cramped living space. Designer Alan Chu transformed this 380-square foot micro- apartment in Sao Paulo into a spacious and comfortable interior. 

-Check out more pics of this two-level tiny space below: 

Chu kept his design simple, choosing to use pinewood as the unifying element throughout the apartment. To maximize space, the architect relegated the bulk of the apartment’s functional necessities to a single wall, giving it a studio-like appearance. The kitchen and entertainment system are framed by a series of variously sized wood boxes that are also used as built-in storage space. The wood element is echoed on the second floor where a black spiral staircase leads up to a crate-like structure that acts as a sort of entry way to the mezzanine.

via wired

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Avalon Apartments said...

That apartment looks pretty neat! The woodwork made sure most of the stuff are hidden away to save some space. I like the red, black, and white color theme too.

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