Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Heineken Ignite: World's First Interactive Beer Bottle (video)

Remember the Budweiser Buddy Cup...?? Well, it looks like Heineken didn't want to be left out of social tech-scene when they introduced their Heineken Ignite beer bottles at this years Milan Design Week... 
The bottle's internal LED lights activate when you drink, toast with others and flash along with the beat of the music...!! 

-Check out the video introduction below:
 The launch in Milan provided Heineken with learnings on how the prototype would perform in a real life environment. The concept is being optimized and based on the success of the prototype launch, Heineken are now rolling it out in nightclubs in 7 of their top 25 markets before the end of the year. The Heineken Ignite interactive bottle is born from Heineken’s ambition to develop an idea that would create a memorable Heineken experience unlocking the power and possibilities of mobile innovation and technology. 

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