Thursday, June 6, 2013

Liquid Mammoth Blood Discovered... CLONE IT...!! (4pics)

Remember the post we did two years back on the potential clone of the wooly mammoth...? (Of course you do) Turns out the study and research had their prayers answered when 'flowing' liquid Mammoth blood was discovered in Siberia. 

-See more pics below: 
About 15,000 years ago, an old female wooly mammoth plunged through the ice as she was being chased by predators. Her remains have now been uncovered by scientists working in Siberia. And remarkably, as they were digging it out, blood began to stream out. Which is weird given that it was 10° below freezing. 
It's not known if the blood or tissue samples contain living cells required for cloning. And even if such cells are recovered, the DNA repair would require a very complex process that could take years. A report is expected later this July.

via i09 

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