Friday, June 7, 2013

Keepin' Your Beer Cold This Summer with The Chillsner (4pics)

Nothing is worse than picking up a refreshing WARM BEER...!!??
Don't fear and wait impatiently while your beer cools in the fridge or ice cooler... you can simply and instantly chill your suds with The Chilsner...!!  

-See how it works below: 
The makers of the Corkcicle have turned their design attentions towards us beer drinkers. Their new Chillsner isn't just a beer-bottle-sized version of their prior product; while it's similarly constructed of stainless steel and contains the same thermal coolant gel, it's equipped with vents up top so liquid can flow through. Once the top is sealed onto the bottle, you can drink right through the thing without needing to remove it.

If your interested in adding The Chilsner to your BBQ, Camping and Tailgating events you can preorder here at this link for $30USD. 

via core77 

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