Thursday, June 20, 2013

Innovative Bottle Cap Turns ANY Water Bottle Into a Humidifier (5pics)

Purchasing a humidifier is one thing... storing and having it take up precious table space is another. Introducing the Amazing Humidifier, a compact device that is the perfect solution for dry air in the micro-home to the college dorm. 

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The makers behind the compact humidifier say it improves on the traditional space-hogging humidifier in almost every way. It’s low maintenance and requires no cleaning--just recycle the bottle and attach a new one. It’s multifunctional: It doubles as a mister, mood light, and “aroma diffuser.” It’s incredibly quiet, and it runs continuously for up to eight hours before shutting down. Best of all, they say, is how portable and “person-centered” the humidifier is. Larger machines are designed to humidify entire rooms, but the Amazing Humidifier lets you position the device anywhere you want. Take it with you to class, the library, or even on a road trip.

via fastcodesign

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