Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wow, Feel Real Textures Right on Your Display (video)

(Old News... thought I would re-post this, cuz it's pretty cool)

When I say, 'feel textures' I don't mean vibrations of haptic feedback... what I meant was that you can actually feel and sense textures by touching the screen on a flat-panel TV, computer, smartphone or tablet display.... (porn industry rejoices!)  

Tokyo based company Senseg, has a working prototype called the Feel Screen that can do just that. By touching different areas of the screen the user will feel different degrees of friction whether their fingers move or not. 
The feeling could project contours and edges of things in front of you, and creates the sensation of everything from silk to rough terrain. Imagine feeling the detailed environments of your online game? Or the sensation of keys when using your smartphone to message? Dubbed the "Feel Screen," the technology doesn't rely on any moving parts or additions to the flat screen. This means it can be integrated into just about any flat screen device from your phone to your TV. 

Although just a prototype, the company is hopeful that the technology will be widely available in the next 2 years. Just think of the possibilities... 

via dvice

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