Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Move Over Segway... Here comes the Solowheel (pics&video)

Here is the Solowheel... a direct personal transport competitor to the well-known Segway. Not only is it lighter, it is also a fraction of the cost of a Segway and it takes up no more space than a briefcase. 

-check out pics and a video demo below: 

Weighing in at only 24-lbs, the Solowheel has features a Segway does not... a lightweight design and conveniently portable. The device folds up in seconds and can be easily picked up with a built-in handle. 
Using the Solowheel is entirely 'hands-free'... operating the device is done by simply shifting your body weight in the direction you wish to go. In fact there aren't any handlebars at all...!! 
The unit is capable in reaching speeds of 10-mph with a total range of approx. 10-miles on a single charge and the lithium ion battery fully charges in 1-hour. The Solowheel can support up to a 250-lb passenger and can withstand a maximum incline of 30-degrees... 

If you are interested in purchasing a Solowheel you can do so at this link for $1,800.00...


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