Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Just Another Day... A Chinese Farmer Makes His Own Bionic Hand. (video)

After watching this video... I had the realization that I desperately need a new hobby. 
Below is a (news clip) video of double amputee Sun Jifa, a Chinese farmer that doesn't let his handicap get in the way of gettin' $#!t done...!! 

-Check it out below: 
Unable to afford expensive prosthetic arms at local hospitals, Sun bought a low-grade pair which proved near-useless for routine farm work and caring for his wife and three daughters. Eager to get his hands back, Sun spent the next eight years crafting his own steel bionic pair from scratch with little direction but his own intuition.

[Sun Jifa, Creator of Bionic Arms] "It transfers power from the natural movement of my elbow into the finger, allowing it to grab and hold. This is the left hand. For the other hand, rotating the two bones that I have left in this arm allows my right hand to open and close like this."

This new talent not only gave him local celebrity status, but also gained media attention and not long after other amputee are asking for his custom bionic limbs.
Sun said that he has already sold around one thousand steel limbs for about 3000 yuan ($490 USD) each, which he says is only a tenth the price of what most hospitals charge for higher-quality prosthetics.

via liveleak

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