Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another Day... Another Super-Yacht (10pics)

Let's start our busy work week by checking out 10 pics of this Super-Yacht you (and I) will never afford to buy... EVER

Officially launced last April, 2012 the 'Adastra' is as amazing on the inside as it is beautiful on the outside...
The 'Adastra' is a  42.5m power trimaran which was conceived for a couple for a long range cruising. The yacht uses a trimaran shape that allows it to have multiple hulls. This is the second largest of its kind and can be controlled from a distance with an iPad. The superyacht's aerodynamics and hydorodynamics were carefully considered by John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs who have drafted a streamlined exterior body whose three hulls are slender in form. Their shape ensures smooth and faster travel, allowing the vessel to move comfortably over water at hi-speeds, as is evidenced by its performance--fuel consumption at 10.5 knots is as low as 17 litres per hour when carrying 10% fuel and water; at cruising load (20 tons fuel and water) she uses only 25 litres per hour so that on delivery trips; her range is 10,000 miles starting with 30,000 litres of fuel; at 17 knots she has a 4,000 mile range. 

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