Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Edgeland House: A Bunker-Style Modern Home (8pics)

Designed by architect Thomas Bercy, this incredible modern bunker-style home, the Edgeland House, is located on a cliff-top in Austin, Colorado. The most interesting part of the design is how much the owners personal experiences and input went into the overall design.
-check out more pics below: 

The owner Chris Brown, an attorney/sci-fi writer (NOT the musician) who is passionate with the outdoors, purchased a piece of property on a bluff adjacent to the Colorado River. Unfortunately this was littered with construction debris such as rebar, discarded cement and a decommissioned underground oil pipeline from the 1920s....!! 
After going through a whole lot of red-tape, Brown had the oil pipeline removed and in doing so left a massive hole in the ground of his newly purchased lot. This is where architect Thomas Bercy steps in and proposed in partially burying the house into the environment. With Brown's love for the outdoors and creative sci-fi writing background the two came up with a beautiful design that is not only 'forward-looking' but also seamlessly melds with nature and maintains a modern contemporary interior... more about it at the link below.

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